Monday, May 07, 2007

Pak Rashid's brother-in-law Cao Qi Tai passes

(Updated) Condolence to my friend Michael whose father Cao Qi Tai (曹启泰)passed away at 75 on May 4 in a hospital in Guangzhou City. Uncle Cao Qi Tai (1932-2007) was born in Perlis as a Malayan but banished to China by the colonial authorities in the early 1950s under the 'Emergency' regulations and there he started life afresh and married a fellow banishee from Kampar. Uncle Cao's sister Qi Zhu (1929-2005), a guerilla fighter during the 1948-1957 anti-colonial war and the 1957-1989 civil war, married Pak Rashid and adopted the Muslim name Salamah. May all the great souls rest in lasting peace.

Meanwhile, veteran communist Suriani Abdullah (left) said late last night that she has been informed of Uncle Cao's passing and also made a long-distance call to send her family's "deep condolence" to his wife and children. The Sitiawan-born Suriani a.k.a. Eng Ming Ching now lives with her husband Abdullah C.D. in Ban Chulabhorn 12 in Sukhirin, southern Thailand.

Condolences from Kamariah, Haji Yusof Maidin

According to Suriani Abdullah who called me again this morning, Pak Rashid's daughter Kamariah as well as his younger brother and a former Umno state assemblyman in Perak, Haji Yusof Maidin would also like to convey their "very deep condolence and sympathy" and "feel sorry" for being unable to travel to China to attend the funeral or the memorial service to be held in Guangzhou City on 12 May.

Launching of Dr. Abraham's new history book

A Merdeka salute to martyr S.A. Ganapathy !

Abdullah C.D., Suriani remember R.G. Balan


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