Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I used to have no taboo in diet and eat all types of food. However, two years ago, I was adviced by doctor to start controlling the level of cholesterol by cutting down or avoiding excessive intake of red meat and some other food such as quil's eggs, brain of pig or ox, egg yolk, cuttle fish, salted fish, lamb's livers, shell fish, squid, crabs and shripm prawns, etc. Last Sunday, I was cautioned by doctor against enjoying eating too much mixed pig organ porridge (猪杂粥)


Blogger lee hock said...

Hi James,
I believe you practise a healthy lifestyle.

Months ago, you wrote a blog on your experience after visiting a traditional Chinese medicine hall in KL.

And today you write another blog reminding yourself to contol a little bit on your diet and food.

Good health to you and I think you know how to 'restore' yourself.

As for me I don't want to die so young. Life is beautiful.

Lim Lee Hock

8:10 AM  
Blogger James Wong Wing-On said...

Life is indeed beautiful. My latest annual medical check-up report shows that I have no problems with all the vital organs. The only thing to jaga sedikit is the choresteral level which is usully assciated with middle-aged person. I do annual check-up and blood test with Western doctor and monthly healthcare session with TCM. None has adviced me not to eat mix pig organ porridge altogether. Just cut down intake. Cheers, LONG LIVE MIXED PIG ORGAN PORRIDGE ! LONG LIVE AUSTRALIAN BBQ too !

8:38 AM  

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