Saturday, August 25, 2007

May Mrs. Sybil Kathigasu's spirit shine forever

Before I left Ipoh this afternoon to return to Subang Jaya, I stopped for a while at the St.Michael Church's cemetery to pay respect and express gratitude to the brave soul of Mrs. Sybil Kathigasu who saved the life of my father with her free medicines during the Occupation.


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I went to Ipoh this morning. I did not have time to visit Jln Sybil Kathigasu or Clare Street despite these are the only 2 street names in Ipoh that I can rembember.

From very far I saw the facade of St. Michael was nicely restored but I wonder why they used glazed tiles for the roof.

I had a surprise while I was at the Ipoh Railway Station. They keep and reuse the old timber bences at the new extension of the station.

We are celebrating 50 years of merdeka but I think we should thank British for their contribution to our build heritage and town planning. Ipoh is a good example.


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