Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lee Meng salutes martyrs of anti-colonial war

Touring her tanah tumpah darah for two weeks recently, Lee Meng also visited a multiethnic memorial in a Chinese graveyard in Kajang dedicated to the memory of more fallen comrades in the anti-fascist (1941-1945) and anti-colonial (1948-1960) wars like Liu Yao (1915-1948), Yang Guo (1919-1956), ‘Abdul Manan’, ‘Wahab’, ‘Tomo’, ‘Abu’, ‘Yunus’, ‘Mat Noor’, ‘Mohan’, ‘Iman’, ‘Aman’, ‘Majid’ and ‘Rama’. Lee Meng honoured them all as members of one dear family.

Liu Yao (1915-1948), also known as Liew Yao or Liu Yaw or Lau Yew in various English-language historical accounts, was a graduate of Special Operations Executive’s Special Training School (STS) 101 in Singapore who returned to Selangor as a commander of MPAJA during the occupation. In 1946, Liu Yao led a MPAJA contingent to London’s Victory Parade. On July 18, 1948, less than two months after the proclamation of 'Emergency', Liu Yao was killed by colonial forces.

Yang Guo (1919-1956), who is also known as Yeung Kuo in Chin Peng's memoirs, was a MPAJA commander in Selangor during the Occupation and a right-hand man of Chin Peng during the early years of the ‘Emergency’. He was killed by colonial forces on August 26, 1956.

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