Sunday, October 21, 2007

Turkey, Kurdish rebels clash on Iraq' s border

Like it or not, the latest armed clashes between Turkish soldiers and Kurdish rebels which resulted in deaths on both sides have inflamed ethno-nationalist sentiments and would increase the likelihood of a Turkish military incursion into northern Iraq as well as of Kurdish resistance to Turkey not only within Turkey's own borders but also throughout Iraq, especially its northern region where most of the Iraqi Kurds or Kurds of Iraqi nationality (and Iraq's oil) concentrate. Both the Turks and Kurds are mostly Muslims of the Sunni tradition.

Middle Eastern situation grows messy & tense

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Turkey begins bombing Iraq' s northern region


Blogger Monsterball said...

The Turkish military incursion into northern Kurdistan is unlikely to be effective. Its a mountainous region with few, narrow winding roads. Modern mechanized troops lose their advantages here, and are vulnerable to fighters who know the terrain.

Kurds are known to be ferocious fighters. Saladin, one of the most famous Muslim military commanders in history was of Kurdish descent.

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