Monday, November 12, 2007

Bird-eye view of a massive protest rally in KL

A bird-eye view of a segment of the crowd participating in Bersih's mass protest rally in Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon of last Saturday. The photo gallery of malaysiakini provides more colourful pictures of the people's movements and police actions on the ground on that day.

Popular Chinese-language online media Merdeka Review quoted former Bar Council Chairman Yeo Yang Poh (left) as opining that the thousands of participants of the largest protest rally since 1998/99 were largely "disciplined" and "peaceful" even after the police fired tear gas and spread chemical water at them in the vicinity of Masjid Jamek. Mr. Yeo was one of the 40 Bar Council observers at the gathering.


Blogger Monsterball said...

Very sad to see all the violence was being carried out by the police, tear gas, water cannons etc. The crowd was perfectly peaceful.

It sure didn't look like the 4,000 reported by the Mainstream press. It was a whole sea of people.

5:44 PM  
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