Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why do even young and educated Umno leaders like so much to challenge their opponents publicly "to fight like a man" or "to be a man" ? Are they not sub-consciously suffering from gender or sexual identity crisis ? What have their grandmothers, mothers, sisters and wives said or done to them in private to make them so obsessive with the need to reaffirm their 'manhood' ?

Or, what have they been watching in DVDs, VCDs and Internet video clips secretly that makes them so ever anxious to unendingly prove they are also men ? Well, most of us who are self-assured and self-confident of our true manhood just go on living normal and natural lives (including safe and healthy sexual lives) without needing to periodically and noisily debase women as being physically inferior, directly or indirectly, to reassure ourselves that we are indeed men.

In any event, is there no other means to prove or reaffirm one's manhood except to contrast it with what is supposed to be women's lack of physical strength ? Are all the men necessarily 'tough' and 'heroic' and women, 'weak' and 'timid'? These are the questions that should be explored for a Revolusi Minda to achieve true modernity.


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Blogger jasonloo812 said...

I heard from someone Hishammuddin is actually gay, or bi-sexual at least. If true, it would be so sad. Not only that his utterance of pondon reaks of male chauvinism and bigotry, he also demeans a community long marginalised by the host society. If the Edu Minister is, as my friend has told me, really gay and yet has no qualms attacking the very group of people to which he belongs, it only shows him to be either a hypocrite or a person suffering from dissociative identity disorder, or split identity. It is a kind of mental disorder bordering on madness maybe. His word cannot be taken too seriously. Too bad that this country may be run by him in future. What a pity. Our society is full of people like him, including the homophobic male chauvinists.

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