Friday, December 07, 2007

Full text of controversial historian' s apology

The full text of University of Malaya's Professor Emeritus (now also a serving Suhakam Commissioner) Dato's Dr. Khoo Kay Kim's apology to the co-authors of Alias Chin Peng: My Side of History ( Singapore, Media Masters, 2003 ), Ian Ward and Norma Miraflor, as published in an advertisement in the latest edition of the Ipoh Echo, is as follows:


On 24.8.2007, at a public seminar entitled “Perak’s Contribution to Merdeka”, held at the Syuen Hotel and jointly organised by the National Archives and Perak Academy, I, Dato’ Dr. Khoo Kay Kim, had in answer to a question from the floor, stated that Mr. Ian Ward, co-author of the book Alias Chin Peng: My Side of History, was an MI5 agent.

I hereby unreservedly withdraw all imputations made by me upon the character, conduct and professional work of Mr. Ian Ward.

My statement was not supported by any credible source or authority and was therefore, wholly untrue and erroneous. I acknowledge that there was no foundation in my statement.

I wish to take this opportunity of unreservedly withdrawing the statement and all imputations upon Mr. Ian Ward and to express my sincere regret and apologies for having made such a statement.

I also apologise to Mr. Ian Ward’s wife and co-author of Alias Chin Peng: My Side of History, Norma Miraflor, for the embarrassment my improper remarks have caused her.

I understand that this notice will only ameliorate but cannot wholly undo the damage done to Mr. Ian Ward’s reputation by my unwarranted and unfair pronouncement.

Dato’ Dr. Khoo Kay Kim
Professor Emeritus
University of Malaya,
Kuala Lumpur


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