Saturday, December 08, 2007

M' sian Christian Federation chides UMNO MPs

Amid the widespread anger in the Hindu community in Malaysia over the insensitive domolition of Hindu temples, the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) chief Rev. Paul Tan Chee Ing also released a public statement yesterday reproaching two UMNO MPs who called for the removal of crucifixes in mission schools. In its August (2007) edition, the Catholic Asian News (CAN) published a 50-year dossier of cases and impacts of Islamisation on the multi-ethnic Christian community. There were some 2.1 billion Christians throughtout the world in 2001.

Time/CNN on national identity crisis in Malaysia

Economist on M'sia's tall buildings, narrow minds


Blogger Unknown said...

I salute the courage of our brethren in Iraq. They once had a stable life during Saddam. The war has caused much suffering to them and other communities. I am so touched that they remain steadfast in their belief.

Compared to the nightmare created by Bush & Co. with their reckless invasion, we in Malaysia are more than blessed. Or perhaps it is more blessing to experience pain and plight so that we may find Him.

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