Tuesday, January 01, 2008

On theological debate & the role of the State

Catholic Church's weekly The Herald may now continue to use the word Allah to mean God in its Malay-language section but that usage may also be disputed or even challenged by some individual Christian fundamentalists and/or their voluntary organisations in the society, and The Herald certainly has the right to defend itself as its Christian fundamentalist critics attempt to attack the defence. Debates on theological questions like Is Allah God? and Is God Allah? would most probably ends only with 'the end of the world', if there is indeed such a point of time in the future. The real issue is that a modern state on earth and its public organs, laws and law enforcers should not take part or side in such debates, especially in a multi-religious society .

How scientist Albert Einstein viewed religion


Blogger Dave said...

At the heart of this issue is the freedom of our fellow msians esp in East Malaysia to worship God in their heart language... it's a fundamental human right and perhaps, a historical issue (other faiths have used the term Allah for centuries also!)

It is definitely not a theological issue as u rightly pointed out

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