Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BN's serious strategic blunder & vulnerability

As a very smart friend of mine observed earlier, BN has made a really serious strategic blunder of 'allowing' ex-DPM Anwar Ibrahim to be a 'free' man in the general election. On top of that strategic blunder is the vulnerability of BN's propaganda themes to opposing arguments. Moreover, those huge portraits of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and other BN leaders on billboards and banners do not seem to have any more new psychological impacts on the people as they have been parts of the landscape in Malaysia since early last year ostensibly for 'Merdeka' celebration. Many people may even have been bored by the images and, needless to say, boredom will soon cause or lead to all types of negative sentiments or feelings against the object and its message.

BN to launch Manifesto & unleash propaganda


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Monsterball said...

Another strategic blunder (at least in urban constituencies) - they registered the UMNO symbol for use during the election campaign. In many places the UMNO flag is flying side by side with the BN flag.

I was laughing aloud seeing the photo of a BN candidate from MCA right with the UMNO flag right beside it.
Hahahahaha - do they REALLY want to remind urban voters that MCA is actually in UMNO's pocket ?

8:13 PM  

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