Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Collected Works on Fong Po Kuan' s issues

Besides Merdeka Review, I also provided my own observations on the Fong Po Kuan issue to the Chinese-language edition of malaysiakini, and all my thoughts on the subject in English can also be easily found by clicking the words "fong po kuan" in the Search Box. Chairman of Perak DAP and lawyer Ngeh Koo Ham and Perak DAP's State Publicity Secretary Ngeh Kor Ming, who is also a lawyer, should probably take a look to determine or ascertain whether these articles are defamatory or libellous enough for them to initiate world-class lawsuits in courts. My personal advice to Supremo Lim Kit Siang is that, as a socially and politically responsible public figure, he should immediately delete the mobbish 'comments' in his blog that allege or insinuate without proof that Fong Po Kuan has been 'secretly bought over' by this or that BN party or BN-linked interest "just like" so and so in DAP's yesteryears.

DAP now reaps what Lim Guan Eng has sowed


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By the way, happy birthday wishes to Kit Siang.

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