Thursday, February 14, 2008

Public trustworthiness also dissolved in M' sia

Umno president and BN chairman Abdullah's overnight no-yesterday-yes-today announcement of parliamentary dissolution seems to have caused more widespread sense of uncertainty, anxiety, cynicism and skepticism among many ordinary people as far as BN's 'promises' and 'committments' are concerned. If BN wins big once again, what would happen to the prices of petrol, cocking oil, water and essential food, etc., which the BN government now 'promises' to control ? Would the many business understandings with the BN's government agencies or GLCs or BN's verbal 'committments' to fund schools, halls and other community projects be honoured after the election if the BN scores a massive victory again ? The list of this type of questions is long and bound to grow longer and longer as the fundamental values of public trustworthiness and social trust have been so blatantly trampled on.

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