Sunday, February 24, 2008

BN to launch Manifesto & unleash propaganda

While BN's Manifesto, which is going to be unveiled, is very unlikely to spring any surprise and its Propaganda from the usual toolbox has also been proven to be somewhat overused and rusty, it remains to be seen if there are any hitherto unknown 'secret weapons', in words and images, to be launched at a very critical moment, like just two or three days before polling, against the Opposition which will has no more time or resources to defend itself against the surprise attack. I am sure experienced Oppositionists at all levels have projected some realistic Worse Case Scenarios in advance in order to strengthen the psychological defence of their campaign workers and also supporters.

Umno' s campaigns of character-assassination


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Monsterball said...

I remember the UMNO's bigoted use of the picture of Ku Li wearing a Kadazan headgear, insinuating that he had become "apostate" because of the cross symbol on it.
It is simply a traditional Kadazan design.

Ku Li is back in UMNO as a loyal soldier, but the manufactured controversy did a lot of damage to religious tolerance in the country.

8:14 PM  

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