Thursday, February 14, 2008

MCA friend 'explains' Abdullah' s new flip-flop

A very good friend of mine who is also a card-carrying MCA member telephoned me early this morning and offered me 'an explanation' for Umno president and BN chairman comrade Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's no-yesterday-yes-today announcement of parliamentary dissolution : when Abdullah announced the dissolution of parliament yesterday, he most probably had forgotten what he said on the same topic the day before. Well, since my friend is known to me to be a rather jovially sarcastic character, I really do not know yet whether he was sincerely attempting to defend Abdullah or subtly registering a protest against Abdullah for dissolving the parliament while he and his family are still enjoying the Chinese New Year that lasts from 7th to 21st. Of course, we wished each other Gong Xi Fa Cai all the same and agreed to meet for yam char soonest to share ideas over dim sums and a pot of good tea, or one or two 60-minute sessions of sifu-class foot reflexology.

Old Indian shares wisdom with young Chinese


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