Friday, February 15, 2008

Key terms in BN' s General Election Manifesto

What would be BN's 2008 General Election Manifesto like ? It is really not that difficult to predict : BN is all for "unity", "progress", "peace", "growth" and " development", "stability", "prosperity", "moderation", "harmony" and "integrity"; and when the BN Manifesto is launched, its chairman and Umno's president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would call on all public servants and the people to "work even harder" and "be more dedicated" to "enhance the delivery system" for "the benefits of all" because "failure is not an option" (failure has never been an option for anyone; it is an unintended and opposite outcome of an attempt to succeed) and he will surely add that "no groups will be left behind". Immediately after the ceremony and in the following day, all of us will read, hear and see in the mainstream media of all languages, other leaders of Umno, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, SUPP and other BN component parties as well as some business and community 'representatives' and academics praising in unison Abdullah's "farsightedness", "fairness", "magnanimousness " and "insightfulness" and BN's "track records" in "very successfully" developing the national economy and managing an "uniquely" multi-ethnic society which have become the role model or object of admiration for the Third and Islamic Worlds and gained the recognition of the Western world, Russia, China, India and Indonesia.

Public trustworthiness also dissolved in M' sia


Blogger Aidi Rahimi Ibrahim said...

Peace! Hope for the best, and always will, forever.... in Peace.
God save the King and our country.

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