Thursday, February 21, 2008

Local united front against Umno' s extremists

According to my very good friend in MCA, he and his comrades have formed a nationwide 'Surgical Strike' network of 'conscientious MCA grass-root members' to boycott BN campaigns and/or work behind-the-scene with opposition parties such as PAS and PKR to make sure that Umno extremists and nonsensical characters are kept out of the Parliament and State Assemblies for the well-being of our multiethnic nation and he also hopes that 'conscientious' Gerakan members would also join in this "Sacred Mission". With Internet, SMS and the strong networks of political quanxi in the Chinese community, this type of customised or constituency-specific and also asymetrical operations is not really that difficult to be executed or implemented any more. By the way, one 60-minute session of foot reflexology plus another 1-hour back massage is relaxing and refreshing to the body and mind.

Chinese federation opts for "neutrality" in GE


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