Friday, February 22, 2008

Fong back to battlefield under Rocket banner

So, Po Kuan has now decided to be back to the battlefield to defend the Stone Elephant under the DAP banner and, so, it has proven that she has not been 'secretly bought over' by this or that BN party or BN-linked interest "just like" so and so in DAP's yesteryears. The popular emotion generated by Po Kuan's earlier decision and the widespread and passionate call for her, in both Batu Gajah where my mother was born and schooled, as well as throughout Malaysia, to be back to the frontline, were genuine. Ong Ka Chuan has now to seriously re-assess the risks and consequences of being 'slaughtered' for the second time by Po Kuan as he is tipped to be a minister if he win a parliamentary seat, and also MCA's next president after the exit of Chan Kong Choy.

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