Sunday, February 24, 2008

Old ' bookworm ' Din Merican as a progressive

When I first met fellow bookworm Din Merican (pix) in Kuala Lumpur's Kinokuniya bookshop a few years ago, I used to make the assumption that he was a typical conservative or even reactionary in the politics of Malaysia because of his age and also social class background in the corporate world. But, I was proven not right when the 68-year old Din decided last year to join Parti Keadilan Rakyat openly for progressive changes and reforms in our country. When he was young, Din studied economics and business management in universities, but he now also reads serious books on political ideas. The Old Man is not standing as candidate in any constituency but he is helping out by giving advices or passing on his own social experience to young men and women of all races who are willing to listen, and also managing his new party's Electoral Campaigns and Information Backroom at the national level.

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Hi, look here

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he is good man. i do respect him.

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