Thursday, March 06, 2008

MCA, Gerakan GE campaigns trivialise politics

After the stopover at Taman Tan Yew Lai in Lembah Pantai, I had to leave quickly to deliver more solidarity speeches for Elizabeth Wong and Gan Pei Nei as well as their Opposition running mates in other constituencies. On those occasions, I pointed out very clearly that ruling BN's Chinese-area campaign themes have trivialised the 2008 general elections and politics as such as if Chinese Malaysian voters in the 21st century still only appeal for some "efficient social welfare workers or officers" - not unlike those "Chinese protectorates" of the colonial regime - who can really take effective care of clogged drains and filthy toilets, whereas the truth or reality is that many Chinese are now equally, if not more, concerned with the true states of our country's economic well-being and competitiveness, judicial integrity and the conducts of judges, monopoloy and manipulation of the mass media, constitutional rights of all citizens, professionalism of the police and many other issues of domestic "high politics", expecting their wakil rakyat to be able and willing to speak up for them vocally in Parliament and State Assemblies as well as other public platforms.

Dangerous trends in politics of MCA, Gerakan


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