Thursday, March 20, 2008

In deep memory of Chairman Yong Yoke Sang

About 1,000 Chinese community leaders, teachers and students gathered at the New Era College in Kajang this morning to pay heartfelt tribute to the late Yong Yoke Sang (1938-2008) who was the ex-Chairman of the Save Our School (SOS) Committee of SRJK(C) Damansara. In 2001, the 78-year old Chinese primary school was ordered to be closed by the authorities sparking off a social protest movement which finally led to the inauguration of SOS.
Chairman Yong (above) had been at the forefront of the nationwide efforts to demand the reopening of the school at its original site. He passed away on 10 March 2008, only two days after he witnessed the defeat of former MCA MP Chew Mei Fun in the PJ Utara constituency (P.106) where the original and historical site of the school is located. My wife and I also attended the memorial service for Chairman Yong.

Umno's strategic choice affects BN allies' fate


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really interesting!

2:08 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

He was 70 not 78.

5:30 AM  
Blogger James Wong Wing-On said...

78 refers to the school which was first built in 1930.

5:33 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Saw him at the DongLian CNY celebration lunch 24th last month, he was still lively and loud-speaking, joking with friends and acquaintances . How uncertain life is.

10:34 AM  
Blogger Monsterball said...

The unwillingness of the MCA to do anything for the school issue contributed partly to the defeat of the MCA MP for PJ Utara.

The "Keris" Education Minister has criticised people for politicising the issue - but it had got to the point where the only way to get traction was exactly to raise it as a political issue.

3:53 AM  
Blogger yapchongyee said...


The Chinese have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the opposition DAP or PKR and it was only in constituencies where the predominance of Malay voters caused the return of MCA candidates. This voting pattern demonstrated the community support of the Chinese for the opposition and therefore if those MCA Chinese Members of Parliament have any ethical and moral sense, they have a duty to cross the floor of Parliament and join with the opposition. That is the right thing to do since if the MCA claims to represent the Chinese community, then the voting pattern shows that they are on the wrong side of Chinese preference. If on the other hand such members of Parliament would rationalize their stay with UMNO on the argument that since it was the Malay votes that got them elected then they are morally committed to stay with UMNO in Parliament; but that argument will be turned on its head because the MCA claims to represent the Chinese not the Malays. That being the case they are morally obligated to either resign their seat or cross the floor of Parliament because the Chinese supports the opposition.

The Malaysian general election of 2008 is the first election in Malaysian history that makes any sense at all because in all past elections the voting was rigged to return the UMNO led alliance to form government and consequently does not represent the true will of the minority voters. In the first election previously in 1967 the voting pattern of the minority races demonstrated that they would prefer to return an opposition to government and that was the election that prompted UMNO to organize a pogrom of minority races; and this time around all the indications point to a preference by the minority races to vote OPPOSITION, hence the childish symbolic actions of Hishamuddin wielding of that bloody Malay keris that instead of frightening the minority races provoked them to vote en bloc for the opposition. The keris scared no one, it only helped the opposition to really win support and the smell of possible success and to put UMNO out of government for the first time in Malaysian history. The general election for 2008 spell the end of race based politics and it is this if not for anything else that MCA must take heed that they bear a special and heavy responsibility to cross the floor of Parliament because it has always been the betrayal by the MCA & the MIC that has given UMNO the pretext to pervert the Malaysian Constitution to ENTRENCH MALAY SPECIAL PRIVILEGES FOR AS LONG AS UMNO IS IN POWER. This election marks the end of that distortion of our Malaysian democratic rights. We the Chinese & Indians have for the first time in history put our rights as Malaysians in proper context; we have the last chance to be what we really are, MALAYSIAN CHINESE OR MALAYSIAN INDIANS OR MALAYSIAN MALAYS; we are truly for the first time CITIZENS OF A MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA; and it took us 50 years of hard slough to get there AND FUCKING MCA OR MIC OUGHT NOT AGAIN SELL US OUT TIS TIME. The MCA is duty bound to cross the floor of Parliament to join Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim to form the GOVERNMENT of a truly Malaysian Malaysia that represents all Malaysians.

I want to further emphasize my point of view. I suggest that for those Chinese from MCA who are obligated to cross the floor of Parliament should do so in their personal capacity as Members of Parliament and not as representing MCA because they have a duty to remove RACE BASED POLITICS for the good of future generation of Chinese & Indian and Malays. Race based politics is and has been totally unacceptable and it has always been divisive and an abuse of our human rights; let MCA & MIC fade into the background of history as a failed model for good governance. I suggest that MCA should become a sports club for Chinese.

I had earlier stated that at this time in Malaysian history MCA carry a particularly heavy duty to act in the best interests of the Chinese people. This victory for the Barisan Alternative has come about due to the incompetence of PM Abdullah Badawi and to the power of the internet and the accident of history that Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim was expelled from UMNO under very treacherous and bitter circumstances.. Were it not for the power play between Mahatir Mohd., and Dato Seri Anwar, UMNO will still dominate Malaysian politics and the condition for a democratic change of government will not emerge for any fore-seeable future. I say that these circumstances will not converge again for a very long time IF MCA ACT IRRESPONSIBLY and not cross the floor of Parliament. This window of opportunity exist for only the life of this parliament and if MCA Members of Parliament REMAIN IN COALITION WITH UMNO & MIC then the UMNO government will survive until the next general election when let me guarantee you Malaysians all (of all races) that UMNO will heavily GRASP GOVERNMENT sans election or with election, no matter what BECAUSE THE HIGH COURTS ARE CONTROLLED BY UMNO JUDGES AND THE POLICE ARE CONTROLLED BY UMNO APPOINTEES. I cite a precedent in the election of the MP for Bukit Bintang, when issues relating to the legality of the elections ( I believe it was one relating to the counting of the votes ) went to the High Court for decision; and the federal court was headed by TUN Fairoz. The Court decided that there were irregularity and promptly awarded the seat to MCA candidate. This was a glaring MISCARRIAGE OF LAW AND JUSTICE, because if his decision was that there was irregularity his duty is to declare the election VOID and declare the seat vacant and call for a by-election for the same seat. THIS WAS BECAUSE TUN FAIROZ IS AN UMNO JUDGE. The present Court of Appeal have a majourity of UMNO judges as for example Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali and the President of the Court of Appeal Tan Seri Zaki Azmi.

In these circumstances UMNO can rigged all elections and have a parliament of all UMNO Members of Parliament and any challenge will be decided by UMNO Judges. Malaysia will revert to the Malaysia of old. I say to our running dogs of MCA members of Parliament that you cannot seal and condemn all Chinese to a fate that is as good as death. This year 2008 is the tipping point in the history of Malaysian history, will we survive as Chinese or Indians depend on our running dogs from the MCA to act honourably and responsibly ! CROSS THE FLOOR YOU MCA BASTARDS.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See here or here

2:59 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

where are you now ms chew on the re-opening of this school? or you will dangle the bait again come next election? oh, dont forget to pose with the keris-waving education minister again.

12:46 AM  

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