Sunday, March 09, 2008

Interviewed by Singapore' s TV media on poll

I was interviewed earlier this morning for about 30 minutes in KL by G. Manimaran, the Producer of Tamil News & Current Affairs of the MediaCorp of Singapore, on my analysis of the outcome of the 12th Malaysian General Election. In essence, I clearly pointed out that the popular sentiment of the people and the final results of the general election have fairly clearly shown that the BN's race-based paradigm of politics and its propaganda themes have been considerably diluted as three major races in Malaysia cohered at one decisive moment to swing against the ruling BN coalition on common concerns or cross-ethnic issues like rising prices and crime rate. I also opined that all these mood and issues were quite systematically articulated and also effectively expressed with the "Anwar Effect" that Basrisan Nasional has evidently failed to contain or roll back in the 13-day campaign.

MCA, Gerakan GE campaigns trivialise politics


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