Monday, March 03, 2008

In support of Khalid Ibrahim & Zulkifri Ahmad

Just came home from Batang Berjuntai located in the Selangor State Assembly constituency of Ijok (N.11) where my friend Khalid Ibrahim (second from left) is contesting under the banner of PKR and another friend Dr. Zulkifri Ahmad (second from right) makes his debut in the Kuala Selangor (P.96) parliamentary seat on the platform of PAS. We all delivered our public speeches in Restoran Lai Fatt Seafood and its surrounding streets to a multi-racial and multi-religious crowd which refused to disband despite heavy downpour. Dr. Zulkifri Ahmad, 52, holds a doctorate degree in Medical Science (Toxicology) from UK's Imperial College (St. Mary Hospital). Both Khalid and Zulkifri support multi-culturalism and non-racial approach to economic development and management as the true way forward for motherland Malaysia.

First Umno extremist named by Chinese NGO


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Nw Khalid Ibrahim doesn't want to declare personal asset.

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