Monday, March 17, 2008

NEP row : MCA & Gerakan in historic dilemma

While Umno is launching its attacks against PKR, DAP and PAS for the latters' more critical view and progressive position on the race-based programme of political economy known as the New Economic Policy or NEP, other non-Umno BN component parties, especially the MCA and Gerakan, are caught in an historic dilemma or even existential crisis: how to continue to be close allies of Umno while attempting to regain the support of their natural constituents who are critical of the NEP ? There is certainly now a very great divergence of values and interests between Umno on one hand, and its so-called BN allies on the other. Correspondingly, the values and interests of Umno's BN allies such as MCA and Gerakan now converge with those of PKR-DAP-PAS position.

MCA's "traitors" answer Umno's "running dogs"


Blogger Monsterball said...

The deafening silence from MCA and Gerakan on the subject of the NEP isn't going to gain them anything, on top of their near mortal wounds from the recent GE.
Some MCA leaders resorted to saying "There's no more NEP" - shows you how out of touch these Machais are.

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