Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cultural exchange amid electoral hurly-burly

One very memorable moment for me during the 13-day campaigning is a makcik in Sentul who approached me, shook my hand and asked for my telephone number, saying that when her 4-year old grandson has reached the school-going age, she would like me to recommend a really good Chinese-language primary school for him, and, according to makcik, now that younger generations of Chinese Malaysians like me have already mastered Bahasa Malaysia, the time has come for future generations of Malays to seriously learn the Chinese language. In future elections, we may see MCA candidates beaten by Chinese-speaking Malays from PKR or PAS in Chinese-majority constituencies or Umno candidates thrashed by Malay-speaking Chinese from PKR or DAP in Malay-majority areas in Johore, Pahang, Kedah or Trengganu.

Nurul Izzah now a trilingual voice for M' sians


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