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Two top, pressing tasks for new governments

Politics in Malaysia has undoubtedly opened up a new chapter with an avalanche of ideas surging into the public domains and there are also many open clashes of partisan personalities. However, for the newly installed governments, at both the Federal and State levels, the most pressing post-election tasks should be (1) to combat crimes to ensure that ordinary people do not live in fear anymore, and also (2) to find all the available, practical and viable ways and means to relieve the rakyat jelata of all races of the daily pressure of rising cost of living. Politics, however exciting to politicians, journalists, writers, lawyers, analysts, academics, observers and polemists, has no meaning at all to the majority of people if these two concerns are not addressed as matters of pressing priority and with tangible and verifiable results.

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Blogger yapchongyee said...

Dear Comrade !
The first priority for the incoming PKR led government in waiting must be to reform the judiciary; and to do that all that is needed to for the PM to direct the investigation of my wife's petition and the abuse of power by the presiding judge; a case of killing a chicken to scare a monkey.

I believe UMNO still has not awakened to the reality that the Malays have rejected their racist brand of nationalism. To be truthful, I myself have not yet come to believe that the Malays have registered their rejection of UMNO. The Malaysian model of race based politics was in fact a powder keg waiting to blow up into a typical guerrilla led insurgency; because the lesson of history is that when people have no means to support their family, they will take the law into their own hands. This is a rule of natural law, as we can all see what is going on in Africa and Latin America. The situation in Malaysia was at the tipping point and just a slight nudge and we will be in the middle of such a debilitating insurgency, that will drain the resources of the nation and turn Malaysia into another basket case.

If we will only find the courage to admit the truth that the NEP had no chance of succeeding; because the NEP was a programme of exclusion; and those who held the power of implementing the policy had a vested interest to keep the benefits of such a crazy scheme to themselves. The Chinese was never at any point to blame for the lack of progress of the Malay race. The blame should sit squarely on the shoulders of UMNO leaders. If those in UMNO who held the power of dispensing government largess had any care to improve the fortunes of the Malays, they should have manage the programme in a more responsible and honest manner, but instead they restricted the benefits to their own small clique; hence government largess were given to only connected families. This restricted the programme to too few candidates and the quality of recipients were very low. Malaysian scholarships went to recipients who chose the easy courses of study that had no practical value in the job market, resulting in a colossal waste of scarce resources and it produced a culture of indifference; and it also produced graduates who could not find jobs and had to be absorbed into government service of pen pushers, a total waste of money.

The election of 2008 is a defining moment. For the first time in 50 years history a crucial section of the Malays had come to realize that change had to come to save Malaysia from UMNO. This turn of events at this moment is a mere illusion because UMNO is still the Federal Government and in the next election UMNO will massively stuff the ballot boxes. If I may say so, the most important institution for a coup d’tat is well placed and entrenched by UMNO judges and my namesis is that fat woman judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali and from my own experience with Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali, either through ignorance of the law or sheer disrespect of the law will dare to decide my wife’s petition in breach of the penal code and hence had herself committed several crimes. This piece of comedy is unprecedented in all of legal history anywhere in the Commonwealth.

This morning I read an article in Malaysians Unplugged on Dato Seri Anwar, and the author raised issues whether Dato Seri is or is not the Anwar of before his incarceration on trumped up criminal charges. I believe this line of enquiry is both futile and irrelevant. We just cannot assess a man’s character under any circumstances. I had some one who I held as a dear friend for over 65 years and I just was unable to know that he was all along one of my worst enemy. However, the point that I want to put across is that in politics and the choice that we ordinary man in the street has to make to vote in a good government does not require that we know Dato Seri or not.; ALL THAT IS REQUIRED OF US IS TO ACCEPT OR DENY WHAT HE SAYS HE WANTS FOR MALAYSIA. If what Dato Seri wants for us is what we as voter wants, then it is Dato Seri who we will vote for as our government. Is Dato Seri a truly a good man ? That question is to me, not relevant. I have never ever met Dato Seri but what he wants for Malaysia is what to my mind what I want and to all Malaysians I can only say that UMNO’s policy of race, with emphasis for Malays as the superior race is WRONG AND WILL BE NON PRODUCTIVE FOR MALAYSIA.

I dare say that our Malaysian founding fathers like the Tengku even as he kicked out Singapore from the Federation realized that what Lee Kuan Yew said made sense and yet he felt that the Malays wanted a race based Malaysia and he acceded to their demands; and now after 50 years of independence both the Tengku and lee Kuan Yew are both right, and to say the least Malaysia took the wrong path. To this point in time (50 bloody years) Malaysia will have a “window of opportunity to get back on the ‘rail”. Contrary to UMNO’s and the Malays misled by UMNO Malaysia has not progressed at all and if I may say so myself, Malaysia had regressed because Malaysia has a 3rd world education system and Malaysia has descended into a spiral of LAWLESSNESS. You will disagree but ask yourself if you had any laudable achievements in these 50 years ? Singapore had nothing but dirt and of course a predominantly Chinese and Indian population; and they have gone into such tremendous race into the front ranks of developed nations BECAUSE SINGAPORE HAD A MODEL THAT IS INCLUSIVE, NOT EXCLUSIVE.

I had said earlier that after this 2008 election Malaysia merely has a WINDOW FOR CHANGE and we all are hanging our hopes on an Anwar led coalition to bring about change, This change is merely a hope because it can still de-rail. Affirmative action is an illusion that is difficult to wean off and may still return to de-rail our hopes. THE MAIN AND No ! priority is to restore a first world judiciary so that the laws will be respected and strictly enforced. What is the use for the government to legislate when the courts will not respect the laws ? To entrench an ethical, honest and corruption free judiciary, the PKR led government must totally dismantle the UMNO machinery that has been put in place to hold an iron grip on retention of power and government.

My the No. 1 issue in my list of priority is to remove the number of UMNO judges on the bench of the High Court and for that purpose, I recommend my wife’s petition and the abuse of power that was perpetrated by Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali will be the first act to restore independence of the judiciary on the saying, “kill a chicken to scare a monkey”.

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