Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chin Peng' s homecoming case re-opens in KL

Today, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers or IADL reportedly said that the government’s refusal to allow CPM veteran Chin Peng’s return to Malaysia was "a political decision". Yesterday, Chin Peng's leading counsel Raja Aziz Addrus argued at the Court of Appeal that the High Court of Kuala Lumpur was wrong in compelling Chin Peng to produce his identification documents before proceeding with his legal action against the Malaysian Government based on the 1989 Peace Accords officially concluded between the Government of Malaysia and the Communist Party of Malaya in Thailand's Haadyai.

Chin Peng files appeal against ' origin ' ruling


Blogger melisa said...

Hi James,

I'm currently following the updates of Chin Peng's case and have some questions which i would like to enquire.
Could you drop me your email maybe, so that i can relate them to you?

Thank you,
Melisa Lim

7:02 PM  
Blogger yapchongyee said...

Chin Peng was a Malaysian nationalist; of course most Malaysians do not truely understand why I say he is a nationalist, because most of you Malays do not grasp the meaning of "concepts".

To understand what I mean, you must bear in mind the period of the Emergency ! That was the period when Malaya was under British colonial rule; therefore China Peng was fighting for an Independant Malaya. The Comminist were fighting the British; and there was no Malayan Government at that time. IF IT BE SAID RIGHT, CHIN PENG OUGHT TO HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE HIGHEST MALAYSIAN MEDAL.

He was a man of conviction and the fact that he was communist has nothing to do with his standing as a Malaysian Patriot, because he fought the British for an Independant Malaya. I have said it is hard for Malays to understand what I say because you do not understand concepts. This I find runs through the whole of the Judicial & Legal System because the law too has everything to do with definitions and concepts. The example of Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali is in point, she just has no idea what is the meaning of defining issues in Law, she just has no idea or head for it.

You Malays just do not have any sense of humanity and this is borne out in the progress & development of Malaysia, a nation that bears a deep grudge against the Chinese over nothing that the Malays can say that the Chinese did or did not do to deprive then of anything whatsoever. PRAY TELL ME, YOU MALAYS, WHAT DI THE CHINESE DO IN ALL THESE 50 YEARS THAT DEPRIVED THE MALAYS OF ANYTHING ? The wealth that some of us have were EARNED BY US WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT. Did we steal from you ? To say that we stole from you, you Malays must prove that you had it and we took it away from you. MALAYSIAN HISTORY FOR THE PAST 50 YEARS GO TO SHOW THE MALAYS TOOK FROM US (cHINESE); AND WHO IN mALAYSIA PAYS THE MOST INCOME TAX ? nOT THE mALAYS.

10:21 PM  

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