Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lee Meng meets PG Lim again at book launch

Legendary communist Lee Meng (right), 82, visited her tanah tumpah darah recently again to launch the memoirs of her late husband Chen Tian as well as the Chinese edition of British WWII soldier John Cross' Red Jungle translated from its English original by Chen Tian. Joining Lee Meng at the books' launch on 14 July (Mon) at the Selangor-Kuala Lumpur Chinese Assembly Hall was P.G. Lim (left), 92, a progressive lawyer who saved Lee Meng from the gallow in 1950s. 2008 marks the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the twelve-year anti-colonial war which is known in colonial and neo-colonial narratives as 'Emergency'.

Sole survivor of My Lai of Malaya passes away


Blogger GeraldHeng Sr. said...

Although I have belatedly seen this Book Launch with our well renown barrister Peguam Chara P G Lim now a Dowager Lady Liberty personified,malaysians mustn't in their progress from Merdeka to move on, forget the Terrible History of the Chin Peng, Chen Tian and Lee Meng Era where its quite creditible to have a view that the British AUthorities at Whitehall London didn't honour the Services of the Malayan Anti-Japanese People 's Army of their co-operation with the British during the Campaign to reverse the Japs Occupation of Maraiee/Syonan 1941-1945 Thereafter Chin Peng, Chen Tian and Lee Meng and their comrades retreated to the Neutrality of the Jungles where they tried but failed to rewaken a guerilla war against the British in Malaysia/Singapore ! And the rest is History written by the Victors, so Lee meng's Chen Tian Take of Events then probably will give an alternative dissenting view of those complex issues of politics and armed struggles! Most of us the Chinese and Indian Diaspora descendants were probably too young to be of interest or effective !Still its worth a look at the History from a different angle than that of the Brtish Public Information Office !We know who won and who lost !

Gerald Heng Sr.
Metrowest Boston,MA. USA.

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