Thursday, April 07, 2011

UK to ask Arab states to boost rebels in Libya

Reportedly, Britain will ask Arab countries to train and lead the rebels in Libya to fight Gaddafi's forces. Meanwhile, some rebels are said to have prepared for the eventuality of territorial breakup of the nation. There is also an observation that the active elements of the rebels in Libya consist of (a) nostalgic royalists of the ousted Libyan monarchy (b) West-friendly military personnel and (c) radical and anti -Western Islamists in Libya and from some tumultuous societies in the regions. It is very noteworthy that, thus far, only France, Qatar and Italy have officially recognized the 'Tansitional National Council' of the rebels as the only "legitimate" representative of the people of the entire Libya and that the USA and UK have still not committed themselves to such an unchangeable or irreversible position in the clearly 'fluid' situation.


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