Friday, April 20, 2012

Batang Kali files said to be 'missing' in Britain

The government in London has decided to declassify many files on its policies and strategies in the various phases of 'its worldwide colonial empire, but, according to a news report, 'those relating to the Batang Kali killings in 1948 appear to be missing. In 2008, veteran Australian journalists Ian Ward and Norma Miraflor, who had examined the case for years, published Slaughter & Deception at Batang Kali ('Singapore, Media Masters) that is still available in major bookstores in Malaysia. Ward and Miraflor also co'-authored Chin Peng''s memoirs, My Side of History ('Singapore, Media Masters, 2003') that has been widely read. In 1998, Chin Peng himself visited the UK to peruse some of Britain''s official ''Emergency'' ('in Malaya')' files open to the public at that time.