Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Post-imperial Britain faces new Indian reality

Judging from news reports, there seems to be no material on India in the recently released colonial files in Britain. Once upon a time, India was the most populous as well as largest colony 'in the imperial realm of Great Britain until 1947. In 1950, India proclaimed itself a republic with no more foreign troops on its soil. Now, Britain has to conduct a qualitatively different relationship with an independent Indian nation which has not only become wealthier economically and more powerful in military terms, but also shown advances in science and technology. Certainly, India is also more flexible and pragmatic in the conduct of its foreign relations to make sure that it is able to secure a range of  national sources for the supplies of oil as well as advanced weaponry. The Indian republic, of course, could become an even more inspiring source of pride 'to the many former colonies of the British Empire 'if and when it has overcome several socio'-economic challenges within.