Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Germany faces pressure over austerity policy

Now, how would Germany respond to the anti-austerity sentiments as manifested in the election of Hollande as the new French president  ?  The voters in France are certainly not alone as there are also, among other peoples in Europe, 'Greeks and Spaniards who are hard pressed 'by the measure. Suicide rate, for 'example, has noticeably increased in 'some countries in Europe. 'Political protests and social discontent, expressed in various forms, have also evidently multiplied in Europe. Public funds for preserving or 'protecting sites of cultural heritage of the Western 'world 'in Greece and Italy are said to be 'in short supply. Whether the 'cuts' 'in education would affect the quality of education which would, in turn, decelerate and halt the development in science and technology of Europe, is also of concern to researchers of trends.