Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cabinet-maker in Canada links to English king

According to reports, a Canada-born Michael Ibsen is a descendant of King Richard III's family. Britain's archaeologists have recently dug up some bones under a parking lot in Leicester and they believe that the bones could belong to the controversial English king who died in'1485.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Japan's domestic politics as strategic concern

According to an observation in the Washington Post, 'whichever party wins more seats in the upcoming election in Japan, 'none is to secure a majority and the situation will set off "a scramble to form a'(ruling) coalition". Indeed, Japan's neighbours have a reason to be concerned and to take some precautionary steps for dealing 'with any 'surprises'.

Japan's political development at a crossroads

According to an observation in the New York Times, Japan''s relations with its neighbours could deteriorate further if the LDP regains power with Shinzo Abe as the prime minister again. Japan has already fairly seriously strained its ties with China (including Taiwan), 'South Korea and Russia over territorial disputes and'/or row over wartime history. As the top leadership of two main parties are infected with rightwing ideas and as the two parties are competing to be ''righter-'than'-thou', there is indeed no choice now for liberal or progressive folk in Japan. Japan has quite clearly arrived at a 'political and strategic crossroads.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Glimpse of universe through one new picture

Now, there is one single photograph that "gives humankind a glimpse into the farthest corners of the universe yet". Educational efforts for popularisation of science should interest or enthuse people, including adults,'to understand the universe with empirical knowledge on earth.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

US singer Andy Williams dies in Missouri at 84

USA singer Andy Williams died yesterday in Missouri at the age of 84. For many of us,'Born Free is certainly still a well-liked song in English. Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with his loved ones.'Andy, RIP.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Japan's former PM elected to lead Opposition

Earlier today, Japan's ex-PM Shinzo Abe was elected the top leader of the opposition LDP. 'According to a report in Japan''s Ashahi Shimbun, South Korea is pretty unhappy with Abe's election. Japan's neighbours are closely watching' trends and development 'in its 'domestic politics. The resurgence of rightwing nationalism in Japan's politics, which, if unchecked, 'could lead to revival of militarism, is of concern to them. In recent months,'the common concern has caused China, Russia and South Korea 'to harden their responses 'to territorial rows with Japan.

Taiwan's fishermen defy Japan around islands

Yesterday, 'fishermen from Taiwan 'sailed into the waters around the Diaoyu Islands (known to Japan as Senkakus) to defy Japan.'The KMT adminstration backs them, 'as it does not accept Japan's sovereignty. Japan's neighbours in Northeast Asia, including South Korea, are also watching closely its domestic politics, which is increasingly under the influence or pressure of rightwing nationalists, like Shintaro Ishihara.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Case for historical reassessment of Richard III

An article just published in the 'New York Times' outlines the case for reassessment of England's King Richard III ( 1452-1485 ) following the archaeological discovery of some bones under a car park in Leicester. Shakespeare was born some 79 years after King Richard died in 1485. Why did Shakespeare cast Richard III in such a bad light in his script'?

DNA test for bones discovered under car park

According to an U.K news report, 'the results of DNA test of the bones found under a parking lot in Leicester is not due until December.'King Richard III ('1452'-1485') is said to have descendants living in Canada. The archaeological project has open up'a public discussion of whether Richard III 'was as wicked as portrayed in William Shakespeare''s play. Did' Shskespeare claim that his play was a factual account of history ?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Science education for societal modernization

Popularisation of scientific understanding of the outer space and also earth's structure 'should be made an important programme of science education that seeks to accelerate the process of true modernisation. Almost needless to say, 'traditional (or old) and new media can play a role to popularise scientific understandings through simpler language, as there are still socially, economically and/or politically active adults who were not privileged enough to learn sciences in their school days.

Great movies to generate interest in science

Science fiction movies like Prometheus can certainly serve to arouse the enthusiasm of 'people on earth to know more about the universe. Some selected science fiction movies can be utilised as teaching aid. People with rational knowledge about the universe is likely to be less emotional or arbitary in their beliefs or self-awareness of the beliefs.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kate gets court writ against French magazine

A court in France has issued 'an injunction to forbid a magazine from publishing any more topless pictures of Kate. 'Some of these pictures have also been 'published by an Irish tabloid 'and an Italian magazine. The French magazine further discloses that she was spotted smoking.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Italian mag vows to run Kate's topless photos

According to a Daily Mail report, 'the Italian magazine which is set to publish Kate''s topless pictures is "not afraid of any legal action". UK's media is surprisingly 'united' not to print these controversial pictures. A spokeswoman for St.'James' Palace was reported as saying that the decisions to publish these photographs are motivated solely by greed.

UK's royals likely to win Kate's case in France

A legal expert in France has reportedly reckoned that the royal family in the 'United Kingdom 'is "overwhelmingly likely" to win a civil action case against the French magazine which prints Kate''s topless photos.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kate's topless photographs also out in Ireland

According to a latest report in The Telegraph, a newspaper in Ireland has also published Kate''s topless pictures. A spokeswoman for the St. James' Palace is quoted as saying that it is solely motivated by greed.

Controversy over Kate's topless photos grows

The 'French and Italian publications' involving in the controversy over Kate's topless pictures are said to be linked to an ex-PM of Italy, who is himself implicated 'in some pretty shocking scandals involving sex.

French magazine also reveals Kate as smoker

French magazine 'Closer, which publishes Kate''s topless photographs, also reportedly reveals that Kate was 'spotted smoking a cigarette. A magazine in Italy has reportedly said it would also publish the photos.

Kate's topless photos out in French magazine

A magazine in France has reportedly published some 'topless' pictures of a British royalty,'Catherine. But the British media declines to print. Catherine and her husband William have reportedly decided to launch a law suit against the French magazine for alleged 'breach of privacy'.

Friday, September 14, 2012

China's patrol ships sail around Diaoyu Islands

China's official ships have reportedly sailed to the waters around the Diaoyu Islands. 'The KMT administration in Taiwan has also sent two ships to the area. The Diaoyu Islands is known in Japan as Senkakus. Japan also disputes Russia's sovereignty over the Kurils (or Northern Territories in Japan) and South Korea''s Dokdo (Takeshima in Japan).

Mayans' murals found in kitchen in Guatemala

Reportedly, a family in Guatemala has found ancient Mayan murals in their kitchen. Guatemala was once a center of the Mayan civilisation. It was constituted by 'a group of ancient societies in Central America.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Archaeologists unearths bones under car park

British archaeologists who are searching for King Richard III's remains under a car park 'in Leicester have reportedly unearthed some human bones. 'Whether those bones belong to the ruler is yet to be declared.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

United States' founding ideas in new booklets

Well-known English-language publisher Penguin has recently reprinted the essential writings which contributed to the birth and early growth of the United States of America. 'This series includes Thomas Paine's passionate pamphlet Common Sense and Abraham Lincoln's speeches. Certainly, these booklets are useful for students of American Studies.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Archaeologists digging for lost tomb see hope

British archaeologists' search in Leicester, under a car park'for King Richard III's tomb and remains seems to be progressing with hope. If the tomb and/or remains can be found, it will be a fairly big success.

US' new aircraft also causes concern in Guam

A day before the mass protest rally took place in Okinawa against the deployment of Osprey, news media in Japan had already reported the Governor of Guam 'Eddie Calvo as expressing concern over its safety.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Mass rally in Okinawa against new US aircraft

A mass protest against the deployment of a 'new''model of US military aircraft took place in Okinawa earlier today. Japan is also engaged in territorial and/or history dispute with South Korea, China and Russia. Separately, Japan and South Korea are military allies of America, but South Korea doesn''t allow Japanese forces to operate on its territory. Meanwhile, it is often pointed out or argued that South Korea,''Japan and the US face North Korea as a "common threat" 'in Northeast Asia.

South Korea wary of Japan's strategic moves

Even before President Lee Myung-baks' highly profiled, 'surprise' and unprecedented landing on Dokdo which triggered off the current row between South Korea and Japan, 'there were already clear signs that the society in South Korea is still wary of Japan''s strategic direction. In December 2010,'Japan's then prime minister Naoto Kan stirred an uproar 'in 'South Korea when he reportedly uttered that 'Japan might deploy its troops to the Korean Peninsula in an 'emergency' situation. Japan reportedly denied later'that there was'such a contingency plan.

Friday, September 07, 2012

South Korea holds military drill around Dokdo

South Korea has reportedly begun its 4-day military excercises around Dokdo which is claimed by Japan as Takeshima. 'South Korea has also rejected Japan's proposal to forward the territorial dispute to the ICJ. Taiwan's KMT administration has said it does not recognise Japanese sovereignty over the Diaoyu ('known in Japanese as Senkaku) Islands.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Batang Kali Massacre case ruling 40-page long

The UK court ruling on the Batang Kali Massacre case is said to be 40-page long. A counsel representing the victims' families has reportedly said they would appeal against the court decision to reject an inquiry. Earlier today,'close relatives of the victims held a press conference'in K.L with counsel Quek Ngee Meng to demand an apology from Britain.

Batang Kali case victims' kin lose court battle

Relatives of the victims of 'Batang Kali killings in 1948 'have lost their case. 'A lawyer representing the group reportedly said they planned to appeal. Their battle for truth and justice has been going on for years.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Japan-South Korea disputes sour defence ties

The ongoing territorial and history disputes between Japan and South Korea have reportedly affected defence relations 'between the two US allies. In recent weeks, Japan's territorial rows with Russia and China have also been 'exacerbated by 'more assertive rightwing nationalists who are said to be mulling to 'set up a 'new' and 'more' patriotic party.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Breakthrough in archaeology under a car park

Archaeologists in the U.K.'who are searching for the lost tomb of King Richard III think they have achieved a breakthrough in their effort. If the legendary grave can be found and Richard III's remains unearthed and also verified, it would certainly be a huge success in archaeology, which would then deepen our understanding of the history of England, especially the ancient stages in the premodern or preindustrial times.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Simpler instruments for archaeological works

Although many sophisticated technologies and tools are now available to archaeologists, simpler ones are still being used. The main task of archaeologists is not to show off technologies or tools but to unearth, verify and preserve things of the past 'for the studies of bygone eras. Increasingly sophisticated technologies and tools can, of course, help to improve the quality of archaeological works in various dimensions.