Sunday, January 06, 2013

American drafter of Japan's Constitution dies

One of the American writers of Japan''s post-WWII constitution Beate Sirota Gordon died recently at 89. The US dropped two atomic bombs to force the surrender of Japan in 1945 'and end the Pacific War that caused extreme sufferings of many people in Asia, especially women. The historical issue of Japan''s sex slavery still stirs Japan-unfriendly sentiment and emotion in, 'for example, 'South Korea and also China. Before launching the surprise attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941, Japan had already conquered the Korean Peninsula in 1910, set up a puppet regime in Northeast China in 1932 and also begun its all-out invasion on the remaining parts of mainland China in 1937. In 2 naval wars in 1894-95'and'1904-05, it prevailed over China and Russia respectively and established itself as the militarily strongest country in East Asia.