Saturday, May 25, 2013

Russia criticises Osaka mayor Toru Hashimoto

On Thursday, Russia issued a statement criticising Japan''s rightwing politician and Osaka's mayor Toru Hashimoto for his 'comfort women' remarks which have outraged the US, China and South Korea. Russia also said that it is alarmed by the "nationalistic inclination" in Japan. In a recent report, the United States''Congressional Research Service (CRS) observes that Shinzo Abe is a "strong nationalist" and it points out that his ideas relating to WWII sex slavery, history textbook and Yasukuni Shrine visit will be "closely monitored" by the United States. The May 1 report is titled Japan-U.S. Relations : Issues for Congress. A leading article which appeared in The Economist 'earlier in January this year observes pointedly that Abe's Cabinet is "scarily right-wing".