Sunday, June 08, 2008

McCain vs. Obama on America' s Iraq position

The debate between McCain and Obama on US national security with reference to Iraq has now been succintly outlined in a write-up in the Washington Post. How should USA conduct its relations with Iran has also been passionately subject to debate in the presidential election. With the ongoing US-led military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the existential fear of the American homeland being once again attacked in the 9/11 fashion, the potential rise of an Iran that is nuclearised and also hostile to US has aggravated national security concerns within America vis-a-vis the heartland of the Islamic world. It is rather clear from their reported statements that, while McCain and Obama differ on some strategic and tactical approaches, both of them still share the goal of protecting the values and interests of US from threats posed by various elements in West Asia or Middle East.


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