Friday, December 24, 2010

Security dilemma in Koreas' standoff perilous

ROK's "largest ever" military drill held yesterday reportedly lasted only for 40 minutes. Verifiably, there was no immediate live-fire response from the DPRK. However , while the ROK has publicly vowed to mount a " massive counter-offensive " against the DPRK, the always-on-alert DPRK has quickly reciprocated by threatening to launch a "sacred war" against the ROK, which, with the USA and Japan on its side, seems to have become more and more 'security-conscious' or 'defence-minded', in anticipation of a general and/or surprise offensive from the North. Fearing the general strengthening of the US-ROK and US-Japan treaty alliances, the DPRK has also stepped up its efforts to militarise itself to prepare for an attack on its homeland by the US-Japan-ROK forces. To a certain extent, China and Russia also share DPRK' s geostrategic concerns as the overall strenghtening of the US-Japan and Japan-ROK military alliances, if unbalanced , could undermine their own security.

ROK plans another live-fire drill to face DPRK