Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saudi troops "enter" Bahrain to quell uprising

Hundreds of Saudi Arabia's troops are now in Bahrain to help the royal family to quell the massive as well as persistent uprising . Although it is asserted that the foreign troops were only "invited in" by Bahrain' s monarch, but it is widely disputed by many Bahrainis who reason that the sovereignty of their country belongs to the people who reject and resent foreign intervention . The latter argument or reasoning clearly postulates that the monarch is the actual traitor who sells out his own country in exchange for his own protection by foreign troops who may kill, maim and bully many people of Bahrain in many months to come. Seen in this light , the "entry" of Saudi troops is an external invasion and the king of Bahrain now 'reigns' his country only as a foreign tool. Many Bahraini youths may be further 'radicalised' and take up arms or resort to 'unorthodox' warfare to expel foreign troops from their land. To be sure, Saudi would tell the world that they are simply 'terrorists'. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is expected to pour in its 'good' , 'moderate' and 'king-loving' clerics to try to 're-programme' the minds in Bahrain. 'Chauvinists' and 'trouble-makers' among Shi' ite would be deported or banished or exiled to Iran and schools with Shi' ite syllabus would also be de-registered as these are the "breeding grounds for subversives". Money, in cash and kind, is likely to be used to 'win' Bahrainis' hearts. The pertinent questions now are (1) What would be Iran's reaction to Saudi Arabia' s "quantum leap" at its doorstep ?. and (2) Would Saudi Arabia' s ruling family "do a Bahrain" next to Yemen on its periphery ?

Saudi police opens fire to disperse protestors


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