Monday, March 03, 2008

Heart & mind of an upright Chinese character

After I finished delivering my speech in Batang Berjuntai in solidarity with Khalid Ibrahim and Dr. Zulkifri Ahmad, Lau Chong came forward and warmly greeted me in Cantonese telling me that he comes from a family of tin-mining workers in Kampar where I was its MP from 1990 to 1995. According to him, he always gives support to and votes for candidates of the Opposition, whether they are Chinese or Malays or Indians, so that "the government cannot cheat and bully the people". So, my speech is hereby dedicated to all the Lau Chongs who built the foundation of a patriotic and progressive Opposition in the Chinese community in the early 1960s and still hold fast to the noble principle.

Old Ipoh honours D.R. Seenevasagam' s legacy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish i was at Batang Berjuntai to have heard your speech. I am sure it was extremely brilliant.

Is there anywhere such as YouTube where i can listen or see the speech you gave?

Thanks for posting!
Upright Solutions

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