Thursday, March 17, 2011

Iran & Iraq criticise Saudi Arabia over Bahrain

The move of Saudi Arabia to send troops into neighbouring Bahrain is officially unacceptable not only in Iran but also Iraq. The White House is reportedly critical of the ruling palaces of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain over the violent crackdown on protestors in Manama. Now, there is a serious concern that Saudi troops "entry" into Bahrain could (1) result in more strifes in Bahrain as many Bahrainis resent as well as oppose the questionable presense of foreign soldiers on their land, (2) widen the sectarian split between Sunni and Shi' ite in the Muslim world and (3). lead eventually to major conflicts between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Like Turkey , Egypt , Pakistan , Indonesia as well as other well-known Muslim -prdominated and Sunni -majority countries, Iran and Iraq are republican in their polities. As such, the assumption that all Bahrainis who identify themselves as Sunni are royalists may not be empirically true. There are now also people inside Saudi Arabia who yearn or call for a constituonal monarchy. with parliamentary checks and balances. So, the absolute monarchy in Saudi Arabia or Bahrain is not 'heavenly' established but only a man-made ideology and institution on earth. It follows. that the thinkings as well as behaviours of the ruling elites in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain can be subject to rational analyses with the methodologies of modern psychology, sociology and political sciences.

Saudi military "entry" into Bahrain disputable


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