Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saudi Arabia's strategic design on Gulf region

If or when mammoth Saudi Arabia succeeds in its highly questionable operation in puny Bahrain, would it - or would it not - turn against its GCE allies one by one later to establish its own hegemony in the Gulf region so as to ensure that its regional periphery is permanently and absolutely 'secure' for its own interests ?. What is new in the last two days is not Saudi Arabia's clear show of strategic antagonism toward Iran, but its evident determinaton to break free from the constraints imposed by its American ally on its own freedom of strategic actions. Some ruling elites in Saudi Arabia are already known to be not happy with America' s inability or unwillingness to protect Mubarak in Egypt. Any unchecked expansion of the power and influence of Saudi Arabia is obstructive to the people' s quest for modernity in the Middle East, especially with respect to religious pluralism and also gender equality.

Iran & Iraq criticise Saudi Arabia over Bahrain


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