Saturday, December 01, 2007

Syed Hamid: Indian gov't should not interfere

In responding to India's official position as expressed by its prime minister Manmohan Singh and foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee that it is "concerned" over the plights of Malaysian citizens of Indian origin, Malaysian Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar (pix) has been reported by The Star as stating that "the Malaysian Government will deal with (its own) citizens according to its laws and no other country should interfere with how Kuala Lumpur handles its domestic affairs".

Given the emotive intensity of the issue of Indian plights in Malaysia that has been aroused in India, especially in the state of Tamil Nadu, whether the central government, NGOs, political parties and leaders, legislators and mass media in India would simply accept Malaysia's response on the issue without question remains unclear at this point.

Moreover, what is certainly not insignificant is a general or guiding principle of India's foreign policy as stated by PM Manmohan Singh that "whenever Indian citizens abroad or people of Indian origin are adversely affected, it's a cause of concern (for India's government)". India's Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee has also reaffirmed the general or guiding principle of India's foreign policy in the Parliament in New Delhi that " the (Indian) government remains deeply solicitous for the welfare of people of Indian origin living abroad ".

So, in the face of Malaysian objection or protest, would the central government of India back down in violation of one of its own publicly stated general or guiding principle of foreign policy and at the risk of incurring the popular wrath or displeasure of the Indian nation as well as the even larger Indian Diaspora throughout the world ? And, if the central government of India decides not to back down, what ways and means are available and to be used to achieve its avowed objective ? What diplomatic or political resources are available and to be used on the part of the Malaysian government for self-defence or retaliation ?


Blogger Monsterball said...

Malaysia very regularly comments on events occuring in Israel, Palestine, Iraq. Just this week Badawi was quoted speaking quite strongly on Israel.

These things work both ways, you know. If Malaysia really strongly wants to adhere to this principle, it should keep neutral and silent on world issues, Switzerland being a good example.

6:51 PM  
Blogger James Wong Wing-On said...

and Kashmir too.

10:35 PM  
Blogger James Wong Wing-On said...

Malaysia also expressed concerned over Muslims' plights in southern Thailand & OIC sent a delegation to visit Southern Thailand and talked to Muslims there after the Tak Bai incident.

10:58 PM  

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