Monday, March 27, 2006

Liberation of women in practice, not theory

Many working-class women joined yesterday morning's MTUC anti-fuel price hike protest at KLCC. They proved themselves to be as brave and vocal as men. They are certainly also more genuine and down-to-earth women's liberationists than many self-styled feminists in the mainstream media, rich-girl NGOs, ivory towers and parliament who usually enjoy discoursing topics like 'poverty and women' in seminars held in 5-star hotels.

Police crack down on demo, 22 arrested

A History of International Women's Day


Blogger said...

I am in klcc too. i took the video there. The protest video already upload to my site.
my site is in chinese language, hope you don't mind.
the video is 23 minutes and 14 seconds

11:31 PM  

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