Friday, April 21, 2006

Three simple questions for moral reasoning

1. If you hear a drug addict telling his young son not to smoke at all and to lead a healthy life, would you condemn him for being a 'hypocrite', or praise him as a 'good father' ?

2. If a reformed ex-drug addict has chosen to become a priest preaching, among other good messages, healthy life style, would you shout at him condemning his 'hypocrisy' when you attend a mass conducted by him?

3. Would you consider the Early Christians who accepted Saul, originally a fanatical Roman persecutor and killer of many early Christian Martyrs, into their church and allowed him to be a preacher of the message of Christ who later become the great Saint Paul, as 'hypocrites' or 'people without principle'?

More to come ...


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