Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Iran's warships sailing into Mediterranean Sea

Reportedly, Iran's two naval ships have entered into the Suez Canal in their voyage towards the Mediaterrance Sea. Although the vessels do not pose instant threat to Israel's defence, the act is, like it or not, a symbolic gain in Iran's show of self-confidence or strength which adds psychological pressure on Israel, especially with the dramatic incident of the Gaza-bound humanitarian flotilla in 2010 still fresh in its mind. The 2010 incident has highlighted the American, European and Israeli concerns over a very clear shift of Turkey's foreign policy orientation. The recent downfall of Mubarak in Egypt and the continuing as well as widespread unrest in the Middle East and North Africa is also a cause for fairly serious concerns to America , Europe and , above all, Israel. Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff , Admiral Michael Mullen has visited Israel, and is now touring the Gulf states for field assessment of the situations in the fast-changing region where the United States' defence and security arrangments, are reportedly under heavy stress.

Iran's navy to cross Suez amid regional unrest


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