Monday, May 16, 2011

Rocket stalwart Chian Heng Kai departs at 70

DAP veteran and former MP Chian Heng Kai' (1940-2011) passed away this morning. A former ISA detainee who was also very affectionately known as "Kai Sok" to some of us, he was my parliamentary colleague and, above all , a teacher who contributed to the improvement of' my skill in English'-Mandarin translation as well as command of Mandarin. Heng Kai and I last met on 5'th January this year at the YMCA ( Young Men's Christian Association ) Hall in Brickfield to bid our last farewell to another veteran of DAP and also ex-MP for Kampar, Fan Yew Teng. My wife and I would like to extend' our deep condolence' to the family of Heng Kai and' we also hope our dear' "Kai Sok"' would rest in peace.