Sunday, May 08, 2011

Chinese-language schools in M'sia open to all

That the many' Chinese-language schools in Malaysia' generally' excel in arithmatical as well as mathematical' education and also better' in discipline is now widely recognised. What is still not very well known is the fact' that' the schools also teach children more humanistic and positive values. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln' and Mahatma Ghandi are taught in school textbooks' to be great guys' even though they were not Chinese or Confucians. At the age of seven or eight, I had already' been told by my grandmother, who did not know English, the praiseworthy deeds' of Florence Nightingale and Norman Bethune. Chinese-language schools in Malaysia, still practising Confucius' very cosmopolitan philosophy of "teaching without discrimination" ( vis-a-vis' race, belief and social class) or You Jiao Wu Lei, is inclusive and open to all Malaysian children who are within school-going age range.