Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I have a dream for children in People' s Nepal

Nepal has long been a very poor country where many of its people had to sell their self-respect to become mercenraries for their ex-colonial master. When I visited Kathmandu in 1993, I witnessed with my own eyes hungry and lethargic children begging for money or food in front of Lama and Hindu temples (I was also quietly told by some good and progressive friends in the Tribhuvan University that child prostitution was rampant in the tourist districts). Yet, AFP has just been reported that Nepal's former 'god-king' "is thought to have close to 200 million dollars stashed away inside the country and even more abroad". I am unabashedly glad that the majority of Nepali people, energised with moral clarity and political courage, have decided that their state and society have to progress with a quantum leap to a higher formation, so that their children would grow up with healthier bodies and minds and with a sense of self-respect and self-worth as citizens of a truly independent nation, and a progressive and people-centered society.

Last 'god-king' to live as citizen of a republic


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