Thursday, December 04, 2008

Balanced management of India-Pakistan crisis

I think American State Secretary Dr. Condoleezza Rice's approach of managing the current crisis situations in the India-Pakistan relations is balanced or even-handed so far. Her twin objectives are clearly to (a) prevent an outbreak of the fourth India-Pakistan war and also (b) ensure that Pakistan and India are cooperative on counter-terrorism.

USA to focus security concerns on South Asia


Blogger James Wong Wing-On said...

'Tim Teo', any comment ? I am now cari pasal with you.

7:39 PM  
Blogger Tim Teo said...

Hsek hsek hsek... what can I say when a dog refuses to give up on the habit of eating shit ha ha ha... But it is not my business to comment on this... langsung tak berminat....

Guess some ppl r too associated with the deep shit that Bush has spread around and now finds it hard to keep a distance...

Today, many still remember Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, Franklin D. Roosevelt etc. because they fought a just and good war. Nazi gas chambers and massive torture/killing by the Axis forces all turned out to be true... so the successive generations continue to pay tributes to the real heroes...

but look at the silly Bush... where were the WMDs? any been found? ke ke ke... :)


Outgoing U.S. President George W Bush has admitted that he was “unprepared for war” when he joined Oval office and said his “biggest regret” during his eight year tenure was the “intelligence failure” on Iraq. “I think, I was unprepared for war,” Mr. Bush told ABC News in first of his farewell interviews that he plans to give to various media outlets.

“I didn’t campaign and say, ‘Please vote for me, I’ll be able to handle an attack,”’ he said. “In other words, I didn’t anticipate war. Presidents — one of the things about the modern presidency is that the unexpected will happen.”

Mr. Bush, who has been a stalwart defender of the war in Iraq and U.S. troop presence there, said a lot of people put their reputations on the line and said the weapons of mass destruction is a reason to remove Saddam Hussein. “It wasn’t just people in my administration. A lot of members in Congress, prior to my arrival in Washington, D.C., during the debate on Iraq, a lot of leaders of nations around the world were all looking at the same intelligence. I wish the intelligence had been different, I guess,” said Mr. Bush, looking back at eight years of his presidency.

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