Friday, August 04, 2006

Mr. Gunasegaram, please shoot me down now

(New) As a public critic of some of Dr. Mahathir's policies and measures such as Operation Lalang and closure of newspapers in 1987-1988 (check this up with Kit Siang or his son) and his persecution of Anwar Ibrahim in 1998-2004 (check this up with Kak Wan), I really can' t remember there was a P. Gunasegaram in the camp of Tun's critics in the public domain.

But, after Tun is no more in power, P. Gunasegaram has suddenly - hey presto!- become one of the most vocal anti-Mahathir 'hero'. Well, I may be wrong in my recollection (and, unfortunately, I am unable to read Tamil newspapers). Prove me wrong and shoot me down then.

By the way, isn't it a great idea to secretly prepare 44 or 88 questions for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi just in case the wheel of fung sui turns the other way round (but it is only prudent to keep the questions secretly in bank's safe deposit box for the moment) ?

Shoot him’ comment fires up editor


Blogger Fair said...

I am not surprised at this behaviour, I bet thaat if Dr Mahathir comes back to helm the coutry; then this guy will be singing a different tune with full of praises for him (Dr Mahahir)!

7:22 AM  
Blogger gP said...

hey! I will shoot you down now! what does Tamil newspapers has to do with that P.G guy! insults I say, insults, racism, etc.

Hahaha...oh well...lets just shoot everyone and find out whose wearing bulletproof vests! Shoot the duck, the duck,....

3:21 AM  
Blogger gP said...

he can write to the former PM but he's scared of a blogger with a virtual gun.

3:22 AM  
Blogger A KADIR JASIN said...

Sdr James,

Guna is actually a nice guy. I worked with him for many years in the Business Times and Malaysian Business. But he has also been critical and forthright.
Surely he knows the risk of being critical. I am not sure if there is or was a genuine threat against his life. As a writer, I sometimes feel the same way too.
But what do we do? People know us. If they mean harm, they can easily do us harm. We have no bodyguards and we are everywhere. But if we are critical but fair, I don’t think we have a lot to fear.
I am grateful to God and to my luck. And I am grateful to my readers who have been fair. The worse that I have suffered were verbal abuse and some angry letters. They called me names and I printed them. They were happy and I lived to write another day. Of course there are libel suits.
It’s all in a day’s job. If I were Guna, I won’t lose sleep. Alternatively he can stop writing. Thank You.

5:54 AM  
Blogger James Wong Wing-On said...

Dear Datuk, thank you very much for "shooting" me down in a very Asian (indirect, subtled, nuanced) manner although my original post was a bit Western/American (direct, peacefully and friendlily provocative) in style.

I agree with you that we just write what we know and think as honestly and conscientiously as possible. The rest we leave it to God/Allah/Yahweh/Tian.

6:24 AM  
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